sapta rishi mandala in all four seasons

The Seven Sages (Ursa Major): Unveiling the Secrets of the Sapta Rishi Mandala

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the Sapta Rishi Mandala, a constellation sparkling with the stories of Indian mythology. Uncover the captivating tale of the seven sages, their celestial abode, and the profound meaning behind the chariot of Dharma. Learn practical tips to witness this magnificent wonder in the night sky and delve into the intriguing interpretations across various cultures. Embark on a celestial exploration that blends storytelling and the universal human connection to the stars.

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Indian astronomy

From Sundials to Supercomputers: Unlocking the Secrets of the Stars

The journey through the stars and beyond is not just about the celestial bodies we observe but also about the remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. From ancient Greece to the Renaissance and beyond, these unsung heroes of astronomy have laid the foundations upon which our current understanding of the universe is built. Their stories of discovery, perseverance, and passion are as inspiring as the stars themselves, reminding us that the quest for knowledge is a timeless endeavor that transcends cultures and centuries.

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